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Tips To Take Your Wildlife Photography To The Next Level

Tips to Take Your Wildlife Photography to the Next Level

Wildlife photography is not a choice. It is a passion which people posses. Some train for years to capture the best moments from the nature. Some are just lucky to be at the right place at the right time. It takes a lot of commitment to excel this field, and not only you master the camera skills, you also develop a deeper underdstanding for the nature. If you want to capture wildlife pictures like a professional, then these are the tips to follow.

Find the right gear

You will need the right camera and right setup to make the most of your photography session. There are several kinds of cameras which are available in the market, but only a few are capable of capturing the true quality. You can choose from a range of SLRs and mirrorless cameras for your adventure. They can be set manually and can accept manual lenses. You will also need a wide variety of lenses to capture portraits, distant objects, and wide angles.

Make sure of your safety

your safety

Wildlife is a hard environment and humans are not capable of surviving it for a long time without the right gear. Before you step in the wildlife, keep your backpack equipped with food, water, a hat for the sun and a jacket for rain. Getting a mosquito net is also a good idea to protect your body from insect bites. You can also use a mini tent to camp at night time or for keeping your gear dry in rain. More than your body, make sure that your camera and photography gear is safe. Keep a lightweight waterproof backpack for it. Bring a rain cover for your camera to protect it from water and heat when you are using it for time lapse.

Use the right setting

Adjust the ISO to a setting where you can capture every detail about the place. The best ISO setting is from 100-300 to capture minimum noise in the picture. For low light, you can choose higher ISO without affecting the image quality. Learn about shutter speed and focus settings in detail to capture different kinds of images.

Keep your tripod ready

Keep your tripod ready

Tripod is a necessary part of wildlife photography gear. Sometime you will have to wait at a place for hours to capture the right moment. Buying a cheap tripod will not help. If you are serious about your passion, get a strong and sturdy tripod stand which can hold your camera in all situations.

Learn about the animals

It is very important to study and learn about the wildlife before you actually start capturing moments. As the animals cannot be instructed for a good pose, you need to learn to read their movements and know when is the right time to take a shot. The decisions you make during the session will show in your photographies. You can capture the best moments if you know what your subject is going to do, or your photographs can be pretty basic like everybody else.