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Games Played By Women

The Popular Online Games Played by Women

You won’t be thrilled to know that, according to the survey of online games, 55% of online video games are played by women. This survey surprised the globe since we all assumed that the male population is leading the online game club. This article spotlights on the games that are highly played by women around the globe.

Bejewelled 2

Bejewelled 2 is a classic game most admired and played by the women. It is typically a puzzle video game. It was designed and created by the PopCap. During its initial days, the game was available only on the browser. After the great hit of the popularity of the game, now it is available on the smartphones as well. The smartphone industry is the driving force for the popularities of online games. The game is designed to reduce the stress level and provide some kind of entertainment. This game was not exclusively made for the women. But the concept was successful enough to attract more women players than males. Even the children enjoy the game of Bejeweled 2.  


The trend of the technology can be differentiated into two, one is the before Facebook, and the other is after Facebook. The online streaming games were limited to PCs, laptops, mobile phones and even other mobile like devices. After the emergence of smartphone and high-speed internet, online gaming has become the ultimate accessible asset of every individual. Farmville is a browser game played via Facebook. The game is basically stimulation where the players have to build a village and a farm. The game can be played by the multi-players, basically your Facebook friends. You can build your own farms, storehouses, crop the seeds, harvest it and even trade them with the vendors.


The Sudoku is one of the very ancient games played by both men and women throughout the globe. It is very familiar, and most played the game online and offline. The sudokus are one of the brain gyming games. The crosswords and Sudoku are very similar in the approach, but the rules differ in certain ways. Most of the newspapers, magazines provide a section in their columns to these highly demanding puzzles.

Cakeshop 2

The cake shop is an interesting online video game that attracts all age people towards gaming. The game is about running a cake shop. The player has to follow the role of a chef and his cake café. The game will teach you many aspects like time sense and robustness because you find the customers who will come and demand the cake instantly. You need to take the orders and prepare them instantly. Sometimes the customers bring you a picture of the cake, and you must not deny the orders but oblige with them. If you miss the orders or commit any mistake, then you have to start it again or redo the whole thing.
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